An ancient wellbeing ingredient, Indian sandalwood has been adored for centuries. With its proven benefits, this revered natural antioxidant has a renewed future at Quintis. Discover our ethical and reliable raw sandalwood products and how we have secured the future of this multi-faceted ingredient.

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Reliable & Natural

Expansive resource of plantation-grown Indian sandalwood oil and wood products, and wild-harvested Australian sandalwood oil products, without genetic modifications or the use of growth enhancers.

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Personalised specifications

As the World’s leading Sandalwood company, Quintis is able to provide full customisation for all of our products based on your specifications.

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Verified quality

Analytical testing confirms each oil batch exceeds international quality standards (ISO 3518) and has a superior olfactory profile. It doesn't stop there, our wood and powder products also exceed international quality standards (ISO 9001).

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A Globally Certified Sandalwood Company

With over 20 global certifications, Quintis can supply COSMOS Approved Indian sandalwood oil and COSMOS Certified Australian sandalwood oil.

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